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Ad Inserter Pro Plugin Free Download [Premium v2.7.3]

Promotion Inserter Pro Plugin is a basic yet amazing WordPress advertisement the executives module with many progressed publicizing provisions to embed promotions at ideal positions. It upholds a wide range of advertisements including Google AdSense promotions, logical Amazon Native Shopping Ads, Media.net advertisements, and standards.

Promotion Inserter is something beyond a high level advertisement supervisor or module for promotions. It gives numerous adaptable choices to embed pick in structures, header scripts, AMP advertisements, Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP, investigation, or following code anyplace on the page.

Promotion Inserter Pro is a basic yet amazing All-in-One WordPress advertisement the executives module, AdSense module, Ad Manager module, custom header and footer code inserter and substantially more. It can embed any code whatsoever upheld position. Ideal for AdSense, Amazon, Ad Manager DFP advertisements, pivoting pennants or some other promotions.

AdSense Support

  • Advanced AdSense plugin
  • AdSense account integration
  • AdSense code generator
  • AdSense code preview
  • Support for responsive AdSense ads
  • Support for AMP ads

Limit Insertions

  • Insert ads based on category, tag, taxonomy, post type, post ID or, url
  • Insert ads based on IP address, url parameters, cookies or referers
  • Exclude ads on individual posts or pages
  • Clearance options to avoid insertion near images or headers
  • Do not insert ads if the consent is not given
  • Insert ad codes immediately after the consent is given

Advanced Features

  • Ad statistics with reports in PDF format
  • Impression and click tracking
  • Country, state, region and city-level geotargeting
  • Ad blocking detection and statistics
  • Ad blocking actions: pop-up message, ad replacement, content protection
  • Click fraud protection
  • Support for custom WordPress hooks using do_action () WP function
  • WordPress multisite support

Ad Inserter Pro Download Free

Link: https://mega.nz/file/iGhRRaZY#PSfM5L7furMzv7RtvfqfQyw_veiLDYNr9Kgrv3OxULw

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